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The limits of my language are the limits of my world!
We offer 2*1.5 hrs group class (6-8person) 90mins course free of charge. To prove to you Chinese language is not difficult if learn in a right way.

B1.1 /HSK3 汉字

We will learn:

  • More vocabularise which are related to each other. If you know the connection can easly remember lots of words.
  • To say a sentence in many different ways.
  • talk about weather
  • all the basic Chracters, with this knoledge we can learn HSK3 book easier.

Classroom in Militästrasse 90, 8004 Zurich

 B1.2 /HSK3
lesson 1 lessons 2 lesson 3 lesson 4 lesson 5 lesson 6 lesson 7 lesson 8 lesson 9 lesson 10

3月15日 3月 23日 3月 29日 4月 5日 4月 12日 5月 3日 5月 17日 6月

video for the people who start to learn HSK2 or A2 level


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