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In order to convince you that Chinese language is not as difficult as you may think, we are offering some A1-level group-classes, FREE OF CHARGE, for a duration of 10x 1,5h. For details check the "Group Class Info" Page.

Free Group Class in Stäfa

Someone asked me what this free course really about.

For many reasons I am offering 1.5* 10weeks systematic Chinese A1 course for free, for people who are interested in learning this language or to know more about Chinese culture.

I can explain why:
I have recently moved to Switzerland, after having spent many years teaching expats in China. Often, people here find my website and would like to join a group-class, but I have to tell them to wait until enough other participants join. This could take quite some time. And by offering these free classes, I encourage people to join and get persuaded to stay beyond the 10 lessons (level A1), and continue learning.
Another reason is that many people claim they learned Chinese for a long time in the past through other ways but were still unable to form basic sentences (reason is that they often don't know the few basic rules). Some of them simply memorize sentences from books but don't understand the system behind and thus can not form similar sentences by themselves . The general opinion, falsley (!!), is, that Chinese is a very difficult language to learn. This may be the case, thinking of the many many Chinese characters. However, there is a greatly simplified way to learn this language through phonetc symbols, named "pinyin".

I therefore just want to prove that Chinese language is not that difficult: after a mere 15 hours of learning, they can see by themselves the big progress they made and they will most likely be surprised on how they can enter simple conversations with Chinese people (usually enough for ordering food in the restaurant, travelling without panic, shopping).  The goal is that a handful of these students will be so fascinated that they will subsequently continue to learn beyong A1 level, making it easier for me to form a group class, where every participant will not pay too much.

Next upcoming course:

Time: Tuesday 8:00-9:30am  or 9:45-11:15am

Place: Häldelistrasse 10, 8712 Stäfa

By the way, the course is FREE, but the learning material (book) will cost 25 CHF.

Please understand that I need to have 7 students joining for the course to get started, so delays may therefore happen. I will in any case keep you posted.

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