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The limits of my language are the limits of my world!
We offer 2*1.5 hrs group class (6-8person) 90mins course free of charge. To prove to you Chinese language is not difficult if learn in a right way.
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We will learn:
  • › Learn ordering food in the restaurant.
  • › Tell people how to call you

When: Tuesday 19:30-21:00 27th of August and 3rd of Sep
Course Cost: 0 CHF
Learning material Cost: 10 CHF

Why Choose Us

You can travel through China easily after 10 hours course or pass HSK1 exam.

After 30 hours Chinese lessons, can easliy pass HSK2 exam, understand daily conversition.

To pass HSK3, one needs to study for approximately 80 hours. At this level the student will master around 500 Chinese characters and can hold conversation on any topic.

Videos are available for helping the learning after the lesson, more videos are ongoing, welcome to subscribe our youtube channel.

Our Teacher

We only have experienced teachers.

We are only good at teaching Chinese language.

You only pay when you feel the course is worth it.

We have effective learning method, you will know how to form your own sentences, instead of just learn them by heart.









We offer

We offer 2*1.5 hrs free group Chinese language course in Zurich
area ,to convince you that Chinese if learn in right way is not difficult. Of course we can orgniz teacher teaching at your location as 1:1 or in a small group. Please contact us for the group course infomations in Zug
or in Luzern

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry you may have or for book your first course!

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