Chinese Language Learning School Zurich | Learn HSK Course

The limits of my language are the limits of my world!
We offer 2*1.5 hrs group class (6-8person) 90mins course free of charge. To prove to you Chinese language is not difficult if learn in a right way.
Upcoming beginner course (first 2 lessons are free) :

We will learn:
  • -First lesson: Basic sentences for ordering food
  • -Second lesson: Introduce yourself (name, nationality, what you likes)

Where: Militärstrasse 90, 8004 Zurich

2 Lessons Cost: 0 CHF
When (please choose):
- 17th and 24th of Sep (Tuesday), 17:45-19:15
- 24th Sep and 1st of Oct (Tuesday), 19:30-21:00
- 24th Oct and 31st of Oct (Thursday), 19:30-21:00

Learning material Cost:25 CHF

Ever wondered how hard it really is to learn Chinese? You've heard about the agony that many of your friends went through? 

Well...think again! 

With our teaching method, which for beginners only focuses on talking and understanding, students will be able to make simple conversations after a mere ten 90 minute sessions. 

Our method does not rely on "learning by heart" (and then not knowing the context), but we learn simple words, and train multiple combinations and add new words moving along. 

You can pass the HSK1* exam and follow easy conversations in Chinese

You can pass HSK2* exam and speak and understand everyday conversations

Able to pass HSK3* level. At this point, the student will master around 500 characters and can hold conversations on any topic